Web Design Online Instructional Videos

Getting Ready: Organizing Files

Getting Ready: Mac - Install Komodo Edit

Getting Ready: Mac - Filename Extensions

Getting Ready: Mac - Sending Email

Getting Ready: Windows - Install Komodo Edit

Getting Ready: Windows - Filename Extensions

Getting Ready: Windows - Sending Email

Chapter 1a ~ 1c Video Lesson

Chapter 2b ~ 2e Video Lesson

Chapter 1: Window Management

Chapter 1: Begin Folder

Chapter 1: Basic Text and Tags

Chapter 1: Attributes

Chapter 1: Whitespace

Chapter 1: Normal, Void, & Declarative Tags

Chapter 1: Block & Inline

Chapter 2: DOCTYPE, html, head, and body

Chapter 2: The Head

Chapter 2: Parent and Child

Chapter 2: Indents

Chapter 3b ~ 3h Video Lesson

Image Editing and Exercise 3-2

Project #1 Step 1: Color Scheme, Fonts, HTML and CSS files

Project #1 Step 1: Class Video for Making project #1

Project #2 Step 1: Creating a Template

Project #2 Step 2: Creating Three Levels



Setting Up Your Subdomain

NOTE: This video was made for the Spring 2020 class. We are the Summer 2021 class.
In the video, where you see spring2020, please use summer2021;
where you see spring20, please use summer21. Thank you!